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Maintenance & Warranty

Maguire Warranty

As our products are hand made, individual items may exhibit variations, irregularities, or manufacturing defects.

To be covered under our warranty, the product must have been purchased at regular price during the past six (6) months. All faults which are determined by our team to be manufacturing defects will be repaired free of charge. Please note that we prioritize repair and restoration as a means to reduce environmental waste, even though it can be more costly in time and labour.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or alteration resulting from use of the product, incorrect or otherwise; incorrect size selection; improper storage or maintenance; or accident. Our warranty does not apply in these situations.


The wear and tear of a shoe varies enormously according to the wearer and the care given it. Our products, while high quality, are delicate and require special care. We recommend that you avoid wearing them in rain or snow, as this could cause premature wear, particularly to the sole or materials. Store them away from the sun and take care to avoid scrapes and rubbing that could alter the appearance of the leather or suede.

Specific care recommendations for each product can be found in the respective product sheet. Our favourite care products can be found here. We recommend that you always test the product on an inconspicuous area to see if you like the result. When in doubt, a visit to your local cobbler is a good investment and can save you a lot of trouble!


I purchased a product and I believe there is a manufacturing defect. What can I do?

Write us a message detailing your concern, along with some photos of the product, and we will evaluate the situation. Reach us at

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