DESTA Cobalt
DESTA Cobalt
DESTA Cobalt
DESTA Cobalt

DESTA Cobalt

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Discreetly haul all life’s essentials with this sturdy leather tote. Lunch, laptop, Treviso sneakersWe tested it. Everything fits!
+ Keep your small items within easy reach with the handy and colourful inside pouch!

Made in a family owned workshop in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Material: 100% Ethiopian cowhide
Detail: Interior pouch made from scrap leather
Size: 39.5 x 33 x 13 cm
Limited Run: Only 3 bags available!
Available Colours: Black - Sienna - Evergreen - Special Edition
Note: These products were made by an emerging manufacturer still perfecting their craft. Each item is hand made, and may exhibit minor variations. Every bag has a story!
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