Sevilla vs. Granada
Can't decide between our boots SEVILLA and GRANADA? Tell us your preferences and we'll tell you your boot! 

How you feel about high heels:

A)  Not afraid of heights.
B)  Prefer to stay grounded.

Dream travel destination:

A)  Midnight ramen in Tokyo.
B) Courtyard café in Paris.

You get around:

A)  By foot and public transit.
B)  In car and taxi.

Virtual happy hour:

A)  Wine, orange or rosé.
B)  Champagne!

Weekend binge watch:

a)  Tiger King
b)  Love is blind

More 'A' than 'B'?

You are SEVILLA! This is our favourite boot this season thanks to its comfy mid-heel and its trendy look.Turn heads with its eclectic prints, or go ultra modern with textured combo black.


More 'B' than 'A'?

You are GRANADA! A Maguire classic, this go-anywhere boot has stood the test of time and is back again this year with a wood-texture heel. Even with its classic allure, Granada wins attention thanks to its standout colours.
April 16, 2020 — Camille Jourdain