Black friday fair prices winter boots sustainability

We mean it:
-No pricing strategy to inflate prices in-season and offer "deals" at end-of-season.
-No overstock to liquidate at year's end.
-No impulse buying that you regret later.  (Okay except maybe a Cortina restock.  But that's one you won't regret!)

On the contrary:
-Fair prices, all year round: Fair for you, fair for us, and for our suppliers.
-Limited quantities:  We would rather re-order a shortage than discard a surplus.
-Enduring styles with a long shelf-life, that you can wear a long time - but not so basic that we can't have some fun!

Black Friday or not, online or in-store:  consider buying local this year (especially this year!), and support our friends, neighbours, and neighbourhood economies.

November 27, 2020 — Anne-Sophie Blais