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This year, we have a complete collection of insulated boots to keep your feet warm this winter. Can't make up your mind? Here's a little recap to help, where we sorted them from the least warm to most warm to help your search! ;)


PORTO - The Classic one
Maguire Porto Winter Boot Black Leather

Made in Portugal
-Your transition boot par excellence.
-Describe it: A perennial classic that you will love season after season.
-Why we love it: A classic Chelsea yes, but with little details that make it stand apart from the others.
-How warm will is it: + (Sheepskin insoles only)

CORTINA - The Trendy One
Maguire Cortina Winter Boot Sand

Made in Italy
-A modern and warm take on the classic Chelsea.
-Describe it: Without hesitation: trendy! Our accessible version of the hot trend we're seeing everywhere right now.
-Why we love it: How high up the ankle it goes. Perfect to wear under your pants!
-How warm is it: Suede + (Sheepskin insoles only) Leather: ++1/2

VIGO - The Minimalist one
Maguire Vigo Winter Boot Yeti

Made in Portugal
-A boot lined with shearling, in original colours with maximal comfort - what more could you ask?
-Describe it: Minimalist. Because it can be hard to find an elegant but uncomplicated leather winter boot.
-Why we love it: The top stitching adds the perfect finishing detail, and the "Seaweed" colour is especially unique
-How warm is it: +++

ELVAS - The one for Fun Lovers
Maguire Elvas Winter Boot Cow
Made in Portugal
-A lace-up hiking boot in animal prints that will make you forget about the winter drear.
-Describe it: It's the funky one with animal prints!
-Why we love it: The pony hair makes it utterly unique, and the coloured laces that will soon be revealed! Bonus: this is the boot which accommodates all types of ankles!
-How warm is it: +++

RACHEL - The Super Warm One
Maguire Rachel Winter Boot Black Leather
Made in Canada

-The Canadian-made winter boot that'll keep your feet warm no matter how cold it gets!
-Describe it: The warm one, approved for Canadian winters!
-Why we love it: It's manufactured on Mount-Royal street in the middle of Montréal! It doesn't get more local than that!
-How warm is it: ++++

All our winter boots are water-resistant, with the Rachel boot being the only one to receive a factory waterproofing treatment. For more information on how to take care of your boots, click here to go check out our maintenance guide with all the tips and tricks you need.

November 16, 2020 — Anne-Sophie Blais