Your Rachel Winter Boots Maintenance Guide

So you've just received your pair of RACHEL winter boots and you want to keep them looking sharp? The lifespan of a boot will depend on how well it is maintained. Here are some tips and tricks:

First Use

Your new boots have already received a high-quality waterproofing treatment from the factory. This includes the suede and leather varieties. Upon the first powder, you have nothing to do: Just jump right in!

Treat Your Boots Throughout Winter

  • Leather grease: like a hydrating skin cream, nourishes and protects the leather from cracking. Do not over-apply, as it can alter the colour of your boot. Test the product on a small out-of-the-way patch to ensure satisfaction before applying everywhere. Pay close attention to the seams and stitches.
  • Natural leather wax: restores the appearance of your boots, increasing their lifespan.
  • Waterproofing spray: Spray as much as you like! Clean your boots with a damp cloth, allow to dry, and spray away!
  • Suede brush: Helps to remove stains from the suede. Gently brush soiled or scratched regions to restore the suede's original finish. Try both sides on a small patch to ensure satisfaction with one or the other.
  • To prevent the famous white salt stains in winter, keep a rag or sponge by your door and wipe your boots upon arrival, before the salt has a chance to penetrate.
  • The best care tip we can give you: an end-of-season trip to the cobbler. It never did any harm; it's like a spa for your boots!
  • During the off-season, allow your boots to dry completely before storing them in a cool dark place, preferably in a dust bag, free from any source of humidity.


  • Your boots will keep you dry, but it doesn't mean they're rain boots. Avoid spending time in deep puddles. ;)
  • Mink oil: Take note that this product can be damaging for this kind of leather. We suggest a less oily product.
  • The type of leather used for this boot is a high quality material. However it is also a fragile leather, that is why this boot is a town footwear. We suggest to be extra careful to make sure not to scratch the leather. 
Note: Any leather conditioning products you already own can do the job as long as you test them on a hidden spot first!

Questions and Comments

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We wish you a happy warm winter!
January 25, 2019 — Adèle Pavic